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Understanding Career Path in Fashion Industry


“Everyday is a Fashion Show and the world is your runway !” - Coco Chanel 

This fashion quote tells us about the importance of fashion in our daily life! 

Let us first understand the word “Fashion “! 

“Fashion”!! - The first thought that comes to our mind is “beautiful clothes and fancy accessories with trendy pair of footwear worn by an individual”!

What does Fashion mean in Real Life

What “Fashion” means in Real is not understood by most of the people , until a person gets a chance to enter the Fashion Industry. Fashion Design Institute is a field, which can be known in depth when a person enters it and experiences either in the form of education or professionally.

How do Fashion and Fashion Design Inter-relate

“Fashion Design” is an art & “Fashion” is the application of that art which relates to designing clothes and accessories, keeping in center all the different cultures, social customs, attitudes, and has advanced over time and place.

What is Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is a form of fashion art dedicated to the creation of clothes and other lifestyle accessories. It is mainly about understanding the audience's lifestyle and customer requirements.

Fashion designing is all about creating styles for clothing items, including deciding fabrics and patterns to use.

In today ‘s era, Fashion Designing field is one of the most rewarding, exciting & glamorous career options. 

If you have an inclination towards fashion and style as well as  creativity, a career in fashion designing is perfect for you.

Who are Fashion Designers

Fashion Designers” are dedicated individuals who perform Fashion  Designing by using their technical perception and creative flair to pattern the garments that are functional as well as attractive keeping latest trends, market predictions, and the climate altogether. They have knowledge about fabric, weave, draping qualities, material, color, design, and the changing fashion trends.

What is the role/profession of a Fashion Designer

The profession of fashion designing includes a variety of skills starting from market research to sketching and fabric selection. This field requires the designers to constantly be in touch with the ongoing trends.

The job role of a fashion designer includes development of fashion sketches, cutting out and sewing the clothing item, attending fashion shows, using tailoring skills to perfect the fit, drawing patterns to create garments, selecting fabrics and any special additions for the outfit and reading magazines to keep up with the latest and foremost fashion trends. A person who is really talented, has an official degree in fashion design, impeccable portfolio can enter the fashion industry with flying colors.

Present few aspects of the Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry caters to the clothing needs of billions of people. Being the second-largest populated country in the world, Fashion Industry India has a good demand for clothes and fashion apparels. Therefore, there is a huge demand for fashion designers in the industry who can come up with innovative designs for fashionistas or fashion-savvy people.

Careers in the Fashion Industry

There is a pool of options that you might have never heard of!Let us discover the career options to opt after completing “Fashion Designing Courses”

Fashion Designer - The name itself says what this profession is all about! This field is entirely linked to the fashion designing industry!

  • One can either open his/her own fashion boutique of clothes(create own designs & launch in market )
  • Work with well-known fashion designers at their boutique! Learning comes from experience !
  • Work with Bollywood industry.
  • Design for fashion brands (e.g: max, zara etc)
  • Work for export and domestic  manufacturing industry.

Let us understand it in a clear way through below infographic !


  • 1. Retail Buyer

In this profession you can create your own fashion outlet as you can understand the market & clothing choice of crowd and sell your own products or you can obtain the products from other designers too.

  • 2. Retail Manager

A retail manager is responsible for setting day-based targets, ensuring that marketing & promotional strategies work smoothly along with customer satisfaction. The HR & Finance Department is also handled by the retail manager in some small enterprise department.

  • 3. Retail Merchandiser

This profession requires working closely with buyers, & predicting upcoming sales trends to guarantee maximum profitability.

  • 4. Visual Merchandiser

A visual merchandiser creates, offers and communicate visual concepts and strategies for marketing retail brands, services and products in-store, in catalogs or online fashion websites. There is also a possibility of working with museums and galleries or developing visual concepts for events.

  • 5. Clothing/Textile Technologist

Working in this profession requires a good grip over fabric selection & testing ideal fabric or material for a product!

  • 6. Event Manager

This profession requires organizing & planning business, social & promotional events. An event manager is responsible for handling a large number of events, focusing over the engagement of the target audience and marketing the message of the event.

  • 7. Magazine Journalist

If you're full of creativity, love researching on fashion news & fond of writing and interviewing about fashion technology, then you are a perfect fit in magazine journalism.

  • 8. Fashion Design Institute Owner

If you possess a well known degree  from a reputed fashion Institute of Technology &  you are experienced in the major renowned streams of fashion industry due to which you develop a sound knowledge of the fashion world, then you can start your own fashion designing institute without a second thought !

  • 9. Brand Manager

A Brand Manager will ensure the delivery of outstanding customer service and the achievement of the sales targets of the fashion brand.

  • 10. Fashion Consultant

A Fashion Consultant has to keep a close eye on the latest trends of the market. This requires individuals to be in-depth observers of the changing fashion  technology and trends.

  • 11. Fashion Journalist

This role requires drafting or reporting about the latest fashion trends for a magazine or through fashion blog. A fashion journalist should know the latest fashion trends and has to be in touch with the news of the fashion world.

  • 12. Photo Shoot Stylist

Photoshoot Stylist duties include co-operating with fashion designers to buy or borrow their fashion items, picking unique locations and creating eye-catching looks for every photoshoot of fashion photography.

  • 13. Fashion Coordinators

Fashion coordinators take care of advertising and promotions of the brand. They work most of the time with fabric dealers to bring out the best of products.

  • 14. Stylist 

It is the duty of stylist to pick the right pair from anyone’s wardrobe or from a designer’s collection, which would suit the client’s character, body type, the kind of occasion the dress is getting selected for. Type of makeup, accessories, hairstyles are also suggested by Stylist.

  • 15. Textile Designer

This role is responsible for designing 2D patterns using CAD designs like repetitive and unique for knit patterns, weave and printed fabrics, etc.

  • 16. Jewelry/Footwear Designer

This profession includes creating different styles of fashion jewelry as well as fashion shoes and boots such that it looks trendy and comfortable to wear.

  • 17. Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is hired to pick the best fashion clothes, designs, brands at the best prices. You should be an expert shopper and should be able to find out the best deals, know the best shops, and select the most suitable brands and designs as per your client’s needs!

  • 18. Makeup Artist

Make-up goes hand in hand with fashion. As fashion designers go through a lot of grooming, styling, skincare and makeup workshops, they can opt for a career as a make-up artist. These artists are different than beauticians! 

  • 19. Fashion Magazine/ Blogger/Model

If you are god gifted with amazing writing skills, you can pursue a career in writing for a fashion magazine or become an independent fashion blogger. You can express your ideas in the form of videos, articles or stories on your social media. 

  • 20. Floral Designer

This profession also known as “florists” requires cutting, and decorating as well as appropriate arrangement of dried silk flowers, ribbons, etc.

  • 21. Graphic Designer

This profession requires creating visual concepts, to share ideas that inspire or leave the consumers in awe! The development of advertisements, magazines, brochures etc is also the job of a graphic designer.

  • 22. Industrial Designer

Concept building for the manufacturing of products such as toys, cars, accessories used in home etc. A combination of art, engineering & business is their main job for creating comfort & style in products.

Fashion designing gives you the opportunity to be your own boss and also gives you the chance to work with top brands/ companies.

Hence, choosing “Fashion Designing” as your career is never going to give you low keys. Who knows one day you might be a brand in the market !

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