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How to choose best Fashion Design Institute


According to apparels had the largest share amongst the various segments of the Indian fashion Industry, accounting for 81 percent from 2017 to 2023. Indian fashion industry which has traditionally been influenced by culture and region is slowly witnessing a paradigm shift and has been aligning itself in line with the more western and fusion trends. In added that, the compound annual growth rate - CAGR of the apparel segment in the fashion industry in India was estimated to be about 14.4 percent from 2018 to 2023 across the country.

India is observing such a considerable growth in Fashion Industry, the new and millennial generation of India wants to no longer stay strange to the vast opportunities in this industry. Many leading Fashion Design Institutes in India have opened doors to the aspiring fashion design students. Today’s young students have got more opportunities and career paths to choose from than ever. At the same time, the competition in each industry segment including fashion has increased drastically.

Someone wanting to make a mark in any industry has to come out best. And to come out as best or in the creamy layer, the students have to choose the best and top tier institutes to study. Same is true for fashion industry as well. The fashion design students in India must choose some of the Top Fashion Design institutes in India and leading fashion design college to graduate or certified from as Fashion Designer.

However, the dilemma for fashion design student in India is how to find out which Fashion Design institute in India is good to choose and falls as top fashion design institute in India. Here is the check-list and things to consider while choosing the right Fashion Design institute in India for fashion designing students are as follows:-

Things to consider while choosing Fashion Design Institute:

1. Recognition or Accreditation

The very first thing a student should look in the institute is whether the Fashion Design institute is recognized or accredited by any national or international level authority. An affiliated, recognized and accredited fashion design institute meets industry standards. A certificate or degree from a recognized Fashion Design institute always ensures you have a better career ahead and you are accepted widely as a Fashion Designer.

2. Programs or Courses offered

Before joining a Fashion Design institute, you should know what kind of Programs and Courses the institute offers. What is the curriculum of the desired Fashion Design college and what kind of Practical and Theoretical knowledge they impart? The fashion design academy should have curriculum that is relevant to the latest fashion trends in the industry. The fashion design courses should not only include local or national design trends but also international, western and fusion fashion trends. They should incorporate a holistic approach to latest fashion design industry standards.

3. International Affiliations

Fashion Design is a global industry where the trends in one country has the impact in other countries. Fashion design study cannot be in isolation. Social, cultural and economic factors of different countries give different dimensions to how fashion industry evolves. The Fashion Design institute therefore should know what’s going on in the other part of the world. To do that, they need to have an International Affiliations. You, as a fashion student, must gather information about the Fashion Design institute for its various international affiliations. The coaching style of the Fashion Design institute should reflect their international fashion trends.

4. Reputation of the Institute

It’s very obvious that the Fashion Design institute should have a certain level of reputation in the fashion industry. Just like institutes like IIM holds a certain reputation in Management, there are equivalent fashion design institutes in India as well which hold certain level of reputation. Having said that, you should also have a list of Fashion Design Institute in rank order. It may possible that you may not be fortunate enough to get admission in the Top Tier Fashion Design institute of India but you should certainly have Plan B with the list of Fashion Design institutes in second tier or third tier.

5. Fees

From a sensible factor, you may need to know how much does the program or course costs you. What are the Fees for certain Fashion Design program is one of the key questions you should ask yourself? And the fees are really worth the institute and the quality of the education offered but the institute? Not always the higher fees offer great education. You should certainly, therefore, choose the fashion institute considering your budget viz-a-viz the quality of education it offers and the recognition, reputation and affiliation it has in the industry.

6. Ask Alumni

Before applying or joining a Fashion Design institute, you must reach out to Alumni of that institute. Ask former students about the institute and their experience studying there. Also check, how they are doing today after completing the fashion design program from a particular institute and compare them with other students and alumni of other institutes. The best reviews come from the students who have really studied in the institute and got placed in the fashion industry.

7. Specialization

Always look if the Fashion Design institute you are willing to join offers any specialization. In today’s fast evolving fashion industry and world of millennials, a general fashion qualification isn’t enough to sail through the fashion design industry in India as a Fashion Designer. In this modern era, you must possess a specialization if you really want to stand out. There is a huge competition out there in the Fashion Industry. There are 1000s of aspiring fashion designers across the India are eager to make their career in the Fashion Industry. The curriculum, especially the specialization offered by institutes should be evident in the courses offered and past students’ successes.

8. Qualification of Trainers and Teachers

You must know whom you are going to get trained under. You must know who you teachers are and what are their qualification. What kind of achievements they have in the fashion industry or fashion education? Does the Fashion Design institute invite Fashion Industry Experts as mentors? The qualification of trainers and teachers and especially Guest professors or fashion industry experts coming to the institute really matters. So, check who all are the fashion people you are going to study under.


Whichever fashion design institute you choose, make sure you make a right decision considering the above points discussed. Choosing a right fashion design institute will make help you make your career in the Fashion Industry. iNIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad is a reputed and leading Fashion Design Institute in India that offers 3 years regular and 2 years Super-Specialization Fashion Design programs and certifications course.

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INIFD Ahmedabad is one of the best and an advanced Fashion Design and Interior Design Institute in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. INIFD Ahmedabad students have made their mark in India’s biggest fashion event “Lakme Fashion Week” with the efforts of staff and students. INIFD Ahmedabad has been declared as the best and the biggest centre and now it’s awarded as a premium centre.