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Wedding Trends in Gujarat


Wedding, an auspicious and beautiful institution, and in India it is a confluence of two families along with two individuals who are destined to be of each other’s forever. Amongst all the vibrant states of India, Gujarat happens to be one of the most colorful and interesting one. When we talk about the weddings of Gujarat a plethora of things comes to our mind. Extravagant ensembles, fascinating textiles such as Patola, Panetar, Gharchola, Gajji silk, Tie and Dye and many more. The brides and grooms of Gujarat are one of the most knowledgeable, experimental and a keen admirer of fashion. They are aware of the ongoing global trends and knows how to beautifully amalgamate it with traditional textiles and embroideries. What once seemed to be a fashion of bygone era is reviving again blissfully under the sheer taste of  Gujarat’s most  proficient fashion designers, fashion stylists, latest trendy collections available locally and also influenced by  the cine matinee idols. The silhouettes flaunted by fashion celebrities for their wedding functions like Roka, Haldi, Mehndi, Pre wedding shoots, Engagement, Pheras and reception leaves a phenomenal impression amongst the masses.

Gujarat is such a place where one can experience a vivid range of taste amongst the people. On one hand you have bride and groom who are traditionally imbibed in their cultural attires that they proudly flaunt themselves in their age old classic textiles whereas on the other hand you have the ones who prefer to have an edgy, out of the box and well coordinated ensembles for their wedding functions. In both the scenarios their journey happens to be an interesting roller coaster ride.

There is an interesting trend of Pre wedding photo shoot, where the couple announces the onset of their pious and beautiful voyage by adorning themselves in Indo western ensembles in vibrant hues, shooting in scenic locations with beautiful props and romantic poses.

Talking about , “The Ganesh  Sthapna”, the very first ritual of Gujarati wedding, it is found that the bride gives more preference to the heavy rich brocade sarees worn in a typical Gujarati style along with the gold jewelry, whereas grooms wear simple elegant kurta  pajamas.

Mehndi and Haldi functions, are the new heart throbs of Gujarat’s young adults, wherein they enjoy and feel the essence of their love to the core. The costumes though being functional are crafted so soulfully that both, the bride and the groom look no less than the Fashion Icons. The colors for Mehndi functions have changed from Green to vibrant and brighter shades of fresh orange, pinks and even multi colored prints and pastel tones are favored by both the genders. Their attires are found to be with minimalistic adornments, lightweight and comfy ones.

The costumes for Haldi functions, here still the color that is mostly preferred by them is fresh yellow with a tinge of pink or green. The silhouettes are a blend of Indian Classical and Western styles, wherein a lehenga can be combined with an embroidered crop blouse, a halter top, or a strape less blouse with a sheer top on it. Their jewelry is a timeless classic made up of real flowers and not to forget that each and every look is very elegantly and beautifully complimented by astounding makeup artists

The new trend is prepping up for the heavy earrings with interesting quotes or names written on them such as ,”Dulhaniya”, “Sada Suabhagyavati Bhav”, their elaborate maang tikkas to rustic hand ornaments, everything is just breath taking. Their flare for heavy rich kundan, jadau, enameled and precious stones jewelry is also increasing day by day. A wide range of fabrics are preferred by them ranging from rich velvets to sheer chiffons, scintillating silks to georgettes and crepes.

For engagement ceremony, the first preference for both bride and groom are the trendy western attires with a balance of traditional values. They go for well coordinated Gowns and Dapper suits. Lots of emphasis is given to their makeup and hairstyles. Liking for embroidered lehengas is also increasing in pastel tones and few like to opt even sarees.

For wedding, the main function, it is an increasing trend to approach a famous designer from Metro cities as well as local designers are also considered.

Gujarat, where the importance of Panetar (red and white colored a saree), Gharchola and Patola (an expensive heritage saree) are unbeatable and even today these textiles happens to be sweetheart amongst wedding ensembles. These are blended with some new interesting elements but the traditional aspects of them are not compromised. There are also brides who prefer wearing heavy embellished ghaghars and choli, inspired by their favorite Bollywood Icons. Eye catching, elaborate hangings in lehengas with embroidered blessings and shlokas for the bride and groom is the latest trend. Zardozi embroidery weighs a lot and flaunting the weight of their wedding attires is something that a bride takes privilege in.

Grooms prefer to wear embroidered brocaded Sherwanis, Kurtas, Jodhpuris with matching Jutties, precious jewelry and a headgear (paghdi) that goes well with the outfit.

For wedding reception the experimental look is favored by both of them, where in they prefer wearing stylish attires as per their taste, comfort and suitability of the season. Embroidered gowns, heavy brocade sarees, bright and pastel colored lehengas are the new limelights for bride, whereas grooms are found equally complementing brides with their suits, blazers, tuxedos and even kurta and chudidaars.

Lastly to wrap up one thing is for sure that for every Gujarati bride and groom, they always cater to a wide variety of ensembles for every function and no two ensembles will ever be same for them for any wedding event.

Author: Rupal Jain

Rupal Jain is a senior Fashion Design lecturer at INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad. In my 16 years long and beautiful journey of teaching, I have come across many fascinating and important experiences which I love to share and express through my words, though a needle and thread remains my all time favourite. I strongly am an admirer of Tradition Indian Embroideries and love to experiment with new concepts born out of them.