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A student is known from the name of the college, when he/she starts education!

But, after the completion of studies, when the student achieves success in future endeavours, the college gets fame from the students ‘s name!

INIFD Ahmedabad believes in nurturing the students at their highest level of advancement or growth by theoretical as well as practical aspects of curriculum!

For any Interior Designing student, exposure to the world outside classroom for practice of projects is very essential!

Interior Design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to accomplish a healthier and more pleasing space. An interior designer is the one who is responsible for a home or a workplace to look artistic for the people residing inside it.
It is an important consideration for an interior designer, be it for a home or a workspace, to design the interior for ideal comfort, productivity and creativity. Here we are emphasising on the types interior design used in workplaces.

INIFD Gurukul feels proud to showcase the academic project of workspace designs developed by a third year Interior Designing student named Rupali Patidar.

The workspace project is carried out in three steps:

  • Virtual Case Study
  • Live Case Study
  • Designed Project

Virtual Case Study

Initial Stage of Project is Virtual Case Study!

Let us understand, why is virtual case study important to be implemented?

A case study is a descriptive and exploratory analysis of a person, group or event. Analysis and that too virtually takes a lot of hard work and perception!

A virtual Case study is understanding the principal architecture of an interior space! The students of INIFD Ahmedabad were given freedom to choose any site and then implement the virtual case study over it.

All the information regarding the site location was taken virtually and the observation was through the pictures and dimension layout along with furniture plan!

Every single feature of the location was carefully observed and on that basis the case study was prepared, starting from the colours of site to the fun elements of work and ending up to the type of furniture!

Live Case Study

The live study is about a group study, where the students of INIFD Gurukul select a site of their choice, go to the site location and perform the case study on site!

Exposure to locations develops confidence in the students to observe the smallest things of the workspace even being around the crowd!

Not just the perception matters, the measurements which are to be taken by their own self and the requirement gathering done by interaction with the site owners, makes a student idealise the space in the most practical way!

Special observations carried out by this student of INIFD Ahmedabad in this live case study are amenities, circulation and the list of material which were used.

Working Space

The real examination of an interior designing student is done through the implementation of Working Space where every single thing is carried out by the student alone. Starting from the site concept selection to the site designing, from layout drawings to colour palette choices and from furniture to lights designing!

Bamboo Furniture office is the topic selected by this student! The Work environment selected was an open working space with calm and relaxing feel inside a two-storey building area. Bamboo slits are used as curtain in the site development, which shows that going natural is the concept behind it! The furniture layout, sectioning and Electric layout was prepared initially!

After the basic layout, the furniture layout and the 3D model making of the project was carried out! The 3D model clearly shows the Go Green concept, as the furniture designs are also green along with bamboo structuring elements in workspace!


A third year Interior Designing Student from INIFD Ahmedabad implemented the Bamboo Furniture Office for their Workspace Designing Subject! INIFD Ahmedabad proudly showcases the procedure of the project implementation !