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Ancient Egypt with its strange customs and aura of mystery still: casts a spell over the observer of its culture. Intermingled and closely integrated elements contributed to these unique expressions, such as religion, social customs, including home life, recreation and the peoples round about the Egyptians. First year Fashion Design students of INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad  organized and presented on Egyptian art, lifestyle and dressed up styling themselves taking an inspiration from the same. From the garments to hairstyle, Makeup, self-made decorative panels, necklace, headgears, Egyptian footwear and other main features related to Egypt like The Great River Nile, Valley Of King, Great Pyramids, Mummification, Tutankhamun, Pharaohs, Hieroglyphics, were presented by them under the guidance of Ms. Rupal Jain [Sr. Faculty] and Ms. Tulika Talwar