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Today, people have constant places to visit; they always choose a particular café/restaurant/ bar and order the same food because it gives them the feel. A café/restaurant/ bar should look perfect both from the outside and the inside. Interior designing is a work of art, placing furniture at specific places, different arrangements, lighting, décor, the wall colours everything has a feel to it.

The interior decoration of a café/restaurant/bar represents it and creates a visual impact on the customer. The interior helps in changing the perception towards food and ambience.

There are interior designers in the market who offer designing café/restaurant/ bar as their specialty. They understand the menu, mood, the expectations and then design according to the needs and budget. It is essential to be different in this highly competitive market of café/restaurant/ bar to gather eyes and fulfil expectations.

INIFD Ahmedabad educated the interior designing students by training them under the subject that exposes students to the field of hospitality design which includes café and restaurants among others. Students will learn to create environment for various kinds of hospitality spaces such as themed restaurants, QSR (quick service restaurants) and cafeterias.

Here INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad proudly showcases the academic project of a 3rd year Interior Designing student named Rupali Patidar for the topic- café, restaurant & bar where she carries out the designing in three steps: Virtual Study, Live case study and Designed project.

  • Virtual Case Study

As a virtual case study, the student was permitted to select any location online and then virtually understand the site and its specifications.

The first observation starts with the reason of the name given to the Bar café and Restaurant ! The second obervation was about the topology, location, clients, launch year, area size, project director, color pallete, services, and the funky elements.

Then came the entrance portion and the exterior open sitting portion with the garden. The student performs indepth detailed information gathering about each interior and exterior element.

  • Live Case Study

Live case study is about going to the location selected by the student as per their choice and performing case study on site! Here the INIFD student gives the key plan and briefs about the design of Restaurant.

The furniture layout is prepared by the student along with designing of section AA’, section BB’ and front facade designing.

The floor and electric layout are the essential steps to perform in order to understand the electricity flow! Furniture Detailing, the most attractive part of a restaurant is also carried out by the student in an enhancing manner!

  • Designed Project of Bar, Café & Restaurant

    The first step carried out by the student is deciding the theme of Restaurant/café/bar, site area and the space areas of the project.

In the second step a brief of designing that is the materials of the elements used in designing, description of different area spaces how they look when a person enters and the location of the site whether a floor in building or a ground level project.

The next step is Furniture Layout designing, which itself covers the basic structure layout altogether. The display unit is drafted which consists of plan, front elevation and side elevation.

After the display unit, the section AA’, section BB’ & section CC’ are implemented, along with the details used at A, B & C potions. The detail consists of the materials used at each potion as well as the colour palette used in the designing. Then comes electric layout is again one of the most important point when it comes to designing.

Last but not the least, 3D layout plan is the easiest way to understand the project! The demo layout prepares any normal person to understand the project site in a complete way!


INIFD Ahmedabad showcases the Academic project on Restaurant/café/bar prepared by an interior designing student from 3rd year of Interior Designing, thus reflecting the practical aspects of theoretical knowledge from subjects.