Design Learning Project | INIFD Ahmedabad
INIFD Ahmedabad - Education Partner of Femina Miss India

Creative Corner

As we go through a rigorous pandemic, iNIFD Ahmedabad is determined to make learning more digital. Students of the second year in the fashion designing course were invoked by Ms. Renushree Saha to explore various forms of designing. Especially print designs are not limited to apparel as they can be used for bags, jewelry, clutches, shoes, and many other things.

Students were inspired to leverage the creative side of a designer in them. So, that they can create unique print designs based on different themes. Some students used the printing materials available at home to create unique designs on hand as tattoos, on paper, and several other materials. While some students used digital tools to create design images on the computer.

As one can see here, they have explored many designs with different themes. These students have proved that tough times like these can actually bring the best out of a person as a designer.