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Happy Patel


Furniture matters to Interior Designers in the same way that books matter to librarians. It’s important because interior design is concerned with the design of spaces, and what makes those spaces is furniture.

Furniture plays an important role in the space planning phase of interior design. By definition, Space Planning is the allocation and division of interior space for a client’s needs and activities using furniture. How to place the furniture is an essential part of space planning, where maximum usage is considered in the arrangement of furniture.

Second year Interior Designing student of INIFD Ahmedabad were given an exercise to perform the virtual case study in their Furniture Design Subject by observing any movable furniture from anywhere on social media and then designing a supportive furniture for the movable furniture by themselves!

INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad feels proud the display the furniture case study done by Happy Patel!

The student started with the selection of a movable furniture “chair”, as shown in the diagram and accordingly designed another furniture!

The main aspects which were used while developing the “bench” were quality of wood, the type of joints used in furniture formation!

First step towards furniture designing starts with the front and side elevation along with plan.

The measurements of bench were carried out according to the chair proportions so that the bench is used with the chair!


Furniture is an industrial design product. Furniture matters the most when designing a space! INIFD Ahmedabad believes in training their interior designing students such that they can design any kind of furniture in their own style!