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Interior designing has more to do with how we interact with space. Interior Designers are trained to optimize a space using furniture for our needs, whether work, play, rest, and even heal.

Interior design and furniture are deeply connected. Furniture is the primary tool for designers to make a space functional. Interior Designers find creative and ingenious solutions in maximizing the space, making it functional, impacting that quality of life of its occupants, and aesthetically pleasing.

INIFD Ahmedabad trains its Interior designing students practically by providing them, the exposure of furniture designing through case studies! This way, the students of INIFD become more innovative with the practice of furniture designing and get expertise in studying any kind of furniture to the point!

Here INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad presents the Virtual Case study of Half moon cradle carried out by Khushboo Nagrani, semester third student, for the subject named “Furniture Designing”.

The first step carried out by the student was studying the “Half-moon cradle”. By getting inspired from that design, she designed the new concept “Half moon low seating” which is an appropriate seating for all the age groups! The student was fond of the shape of half moon cradle, hence she thought of discovering something that is comfortable for children as well as adults.

The innovative part for comfort founded by the student is elongated shape with back rest in the shape of a star. Materials used are metal and wooden for the battens and covering. Comfort is prioritized using cushions and fabric on the seat!


Innovative Case study of Interior Designing student from Third semester of INIFD Ahmedabad Institute has been presented that showcases the knowledge of furniture design subject!