Furniture Design Case Study by Paryushi Adani | INIFD Ahmedabad
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Nothing is a greater evidence to the super specialized courses and career upliftment method that defines the Interior Designing courses at INIFD Ahmedabad than the top-quality work created by the students. Student work of this quality depends on creativity and inspiration. That’s why we at INIFD Ahmedabad offer lots of outside classroom opportunities to the students so that they engage and get more creative!

OFFICE DESIGN” is one of the prominent subjects of second year Interior Designing Course prevailing at INIFD GURUKUL Ahmedabad which teaches a person to design a workspace with a unique & creative idea for particular character where one can work with satisfaction & peace within the space. To provide an outside classroom opportunity, the students were given Workspace Designing Assignment so that they can use their subject skills and design a Work environment accordingly!


The furniture is hand crafted from sheesham wood with provincial honey colour lacquer finishing, and the natural grain pattern on the wood adds a character and definition to the chair.

For protecting them from termites, the furniture is treated with CCA chemical which control both subterranean and dry wood termites. If you look closely the chair seems to have crafted with simple butt joint and tongue-groove joint.


The case study of furniture design subject is presented by INIFD Ahmedabad, showcasing the innovation and creativity of their interior designing student !