Gujarat Art and Lifestyle Presentation | INIFD Ahmedabad
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Creative Corner

INIFD Gurukul-Ahmedabad 2nd Year students organized a Gujarat Art and Lifestyle Presentation under the observation & guidance of Miss Rupal Jain [Faculty] which covered the state of Gujarat its culture & food.

In this Fashion Designing Institute, students showcased the look of fairs and celebrations of Gujarat which shows vibrancy of its diverse colors. The welcoming words used in Gujarati “Aavo Padharo “were also an attention gainer in this presentation.

Gujarati cuisines which are not only varied and lip-smacking but also high in nutritional value were also a part of the presentation. Different cooking styles and combinations of spices were incorporated in preparing those different Gujarati dishes marking the uniqueness of each.

The vast range of handcrafted products like furnishings, jewellery, embroidered garments, leatherwork, metalwork, baked clay articles, and mirror work were displayed which represent detailed Gujarati art forms. Students were dressed in traditional Gujarati attires which gave outstanding festive looks!  The presentation was very well amalgamated with traditional Garba. Students of iNIFD learned various things with lots of fun and excitement.