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Student Profile

Simran Parwani

5th Sem 3rd Year

Nothing is a greater evidence to the super specialized courses and career upliftment method that defines the Interior Designing courses at INIFD Ahmedabad than the top-quality work created by the students. Student work of this quality depends on creativity and inspiration. That’s why we at INIFD Ahmedabad offer lots of outside classroom opportunities to the students so that they engage and get more creative!

“OFFICE DESIGN” is one of the prominent subjects of second year Interior Designing Course prevailing at INIFD GURUKUL Ahmedabad which teaches a person to design a workspace with a unique & creative idea for particular character where one can work with satisfaction & peace within the space. To provide an outside classroom opportunity, the students were given Workspace Designing Assignment so that they can use their subject skills and design a Work environment accordingly!

1. Virtual Case Study

The virtual case study was more like an exercise to understand the work space environment, its modelling and drawing, colour palettes, lights whether they are natural or artificial, furniture structures, etc.

The students were allowed to pick their choice of location online &carry out a virtual case study in form of presentation. They eventually took their selected workspace in hands for in the work space through the perspective of an interior designer.

2. Live Case Study

The live case study consisted of choosing a location for workspace, going to that location, understanding the work space and then creating a presentation based on that! This was a group presentation as a huge location needs more team members for different sections of work space! Group work improves the though process and makes it easy to implement!

Virtual Case study was the amalgamation of understanding the model of work space, along with the features like Light, Furniture, Space, Hierarchy of people, ambience, Environment etc. The students sharpen their space planning skills as well as get a clear understanding about the workspace environment by observing the office and everything at location!

3. Work Space Studio

Here comes the most important thing! This stage compromises of designing workspace studio all by their own! Starting from client selection and ending up to the final design drafting along with presentation!

The student at INIFD Ahmedabad gets a chance to choose their client, thus they get an opportunity to work on their interest! After that, development of work space takes a lot of toil as one needs to conceptualize the idea for designing space according to the client ‘s requirement! The overall procedure which is carried out is as follows:

Deriving a concept and philosophy before the designing and planning is the most vital step! Bubble Diagrams and Hierarchy are the figures to express the concept on a paper! Later the drawing of design plan and various sections to depict the plan pictorially are key elements as they make the presentation effective and help one to understand the project easily!

At last the furniture details and electric layout through drawing plans and demo models add the charm to the project plan!

Seeing Off:

INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad feels proud to display the splendid semester submission work prepared by Simran Parwani, Interior Designing student of third year. Work Space Studio designing has been carried out in the submission work in three steps: Virtual Case Study, Live Case Study and Self Designed Studio! The student integrates practical and theoretical knowledge of subjects like Fundamentals of Designing, Space Planning, Transformation of Furniture while designing workspace project!