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The living spaces in all cities across the world are getting reduced because of urbanization and high property prices. People have to find multiple uses of the same spaces and furniture pieces to fulfill their living requirements. Companies around the world are designing furniture that disappear into walls, can be stowed via remote control, or are even stored on the ceiling. This subject exposes INIFD Interior Designing students to techniques and systems which can transform spaces but do not compromise on comfort or aesthetics.

INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad feels proud to showcase the design of Transformable furniture created by an Interior Designing student named Rujal Prajapati under the guidance of Premal sir.

The Interior Designing subject knowledge used for the designing of Transformable Spaces & Furniture are as follows:

  • Colour Theory
  • Graphics
  • Anthropometry
  • Technical Knowledge

The first step while designing the Transformable Furniture is the development of shape & its 3D Form. Here the shape considered is Hexagon.

After that in the second step, the Human Figure Dimensions are measured before starting the development of furniture.

In the third step, the technical knowledge comes in focus! Here the use of elements is decided!


The product developed by the Interior Designing student Rujal is a Centre table that can be transformed and used as a Wall piece too.

Other products used in the finishing of the table are MG Metal & Powder Coating in Matt Finishing.

INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad faculties focus on in-depth learning along with practical knowledge by assigning studies to the students.