Testimonials | INIFD Ahmedabad


Ekta Makwana

Fashion Consultant & Stylist, “Vero Moda”

I always had a dream to become a Fashion stylist and the journey to my destination started when I joined INIFD Gurukul. It was a whole new world forme. When I entered INIFD on my first day I was really nervous but all the faculty were so cheerful that after meeting them all my nervousness flew away. I still remember all the lessons which faculties taught us; they were really helpful to achieve my life goals! I have worked with Myntra and Jabongas a Stylist and had my own newsletter called Talk of Trends. Currently I'm working with a well-known brand Vero Moda. Thank you so much INIFD Gurukul for making me whatever I am today without you it wouldn't be possible.

Suhasini Jain

Owner of brand “Suparshav”

At INIFD Ahmedabad I have learnt a lot about fashion, starting from the basics ofdrawing classes to the actual finishing of garment! Teachers at INIFD areamazing, they always help us to realize our wildest ideas and help us to build ourown style. At INIFD Gurukul we had no creative restrictions and we were offeredthe opportunity to experiment and create exactly whatever we wanted.Likewise, we were also offered chances to enter in the working world with designcompetitions and fashion shows. I would like to thank all faculty members toguide me throughout the course and for getting the best out of me, because ofwhich today I am running my own brand and soon going to launch anothernamed”Fashionissta”!

Archana Poradiya

Stitching Professor- Government College

I was very much passionate about Fashion since I was a Kid, So I thought to take my career ahead in the field of fashion. I was pretty much interested in Styling and dressing up, so during my span at INIFD, I participated in various activities like Style Award & fashion Shows!I am really glad that we got opportunities to participate at such a big level. All thanks to INIFD for giving us the best platform for exposure!

Pooja Sampat

Fashion Designer at ‘Nayra’ Brand

I had always an interest in textile, embroidery and handmade things, but Ihad no knowledge regarding those things before I joined INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad. I can say that because of INIFD only I was able to turn my interest into my career field! At INIFD Ahmedabad I was taught little things in brief and the basic things with clarity of concepts. Special thanks to the mentors who were always there for guidance!

Grishma Mashar

Digital Illustrator, Fashion Designer

At INIFD, my favourite thing was being able to explore new trends and ideas whilst being able to create my own version. I also enjoy attending the workshop, for example the Fashion Show; it gives you an idea of what your sketch are there for and how to present your work the best way possible! I can say INIFD gives the practical experience for every concept we are educated through subjects. Today I am a Digital Illustrator, all because of INIFD! Without the support of faculties and such exposure I wouldn't have been this creative!

Vandana Chelani

Fashion Designer

Coming from a small town, the comfort and familiar environment that the institute gave was an exceptional experience. INIFD Ahmedabad has ignited my passion to shape the future of the Fashion world. I was constantly mentored and supported by the Extravaganza faculty duringand after the course. I have been nourished with plethora of knowledge by dynamic faculties and immense fun with my energetic peers. The curriculum and cultural activities of the institute are designed such that itenrichestheskills of studentsfinely.

Meeta Panchal

Fashion Designer/Fashion Faculty

My life at INIFD Ahmedabad made me stronger.I have seen the institute come up with great ideas and opportunities for students to exhibit their product and learn from experiences. This is simply the best design institute in my knowledge.The faculties at INIFD Ahmedabad are devoted and helpful. The events that I took part helped me to grow my confidence level. My biggest achievement here is winning the best designer award in 2013 during Annual fashion show of INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad. This institute have played a big role in my growth as a designer and my academic career. I have started my career as a head designer at Aryan's Designer Studio, also worked with many other designer studios like Varn Boutique, Kalpana's creation, Zubba,etc,. I have also been a professor in United Institute Of Design for 2 years. INIFD Ahmedabad giving me a opportunity to contribute my skills for growth of this place.

Alefiya Kutub Dhilawala

Fashion Designer

When I first started at INIFD, I was unsure about my future and anxious about the different challenges I was heading forward to face. But INIFDAhmedabad gave me the support and confidence to grow both personally and professionally. It gave me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge, to learn and to grow gradually. The faculty members are helpful, open and supportive. I thank my professors for their constant encouragement and support. During my course they challenged and pushed me to be better and creative in my projects because of which I now have enough confidence to tackle any problem.