Testimonials | INIFD Ahmedabad


Saimy Patel

Fashion Designer

My first step towards Fashion Designing was joining INIFD Ahmedabad. It is the perfect place to start your journey in Fashion education. I met students with the same interests. Faculties at INIFD Gurukul are always ready to help students with illustrations, pattern drafting, draping, and many more things. The things I learned and the relations I made are still helping me in every step of life. INIFD gives exposure to its students for working with reputed brands of fashion industry like Gen Next Lakme Fashion Week. Today I am a Fashion Designer and all the credit goes to INIFD

Sankit Gami

Fashion Designer- Owner of Brand for Men’s Resort wear

I am very much thankful to INIFD Ahmedabad for providing a strong foundation for my fashion career. By the time I graduated in 2006, I had sufficient knowledge needed to work in the fashion industry. I want to thank the teachers of INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad for all and endless efforts carried out in order to shape my career! Since I graduated, I have been working in different areas of fashion! I have worked as a designer, stylist and visual merchandiser. Currently, I am engaged in the planning and launch of sustainable men’s resort wear, which will be available to consumers from summer 2020.

Raj Dave

Fashion Designer (Family Business)

Fashion is in my blood! I grew up watching my mom run her boutique where she helped women look and feel amazing. With each passing year, I realized that even I wanted to do the same, so one day I decided that I will build my career in fashion! INIFD Ahmedabad showed me a path to discover my passion and sharpen my skills altogether! As a result of which, Today I am handling my mother ‘s Boutique efficiently! It is an honour for me to carry forward the design legacy founded by my mother for upcoming generations.

Dilpreet Kaur

Fashion Influencer and a Youtuber

Studying at INIFD Ahmedabad was a unique & satisfying experience! This institute gave my passion a Rise! The faculties here are the best. The college also gives us exposure by giving us a chance of exhibiting our work in events like Style Award Shows and Modelling participations where a lot of people from the industry are invited. I was given a chance to be a part of the Lakme Implementation Team at Mumbai for a Fashion Week. It was a great learning experience. Today I am a Fashion Influencer and a Youtuber, I am very much thankful to all the faculties for all the guidance and Support!

Moksharth Vora

Founder of Clothing Brand “Arthayu“

The growth I have seen in myself because of INIFD Ahmedabad is invaluable. It has taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons due to which I was able to think out of the box and Founded “Arthayu” The organic Clothing Brand! Not only do they teach various technical knowledge, but also realistic practices like stitching, draping and embroideries as well, to give all-round development of the students. All in all, INIFD Gurukul provides every student exactly what he or she needs for life. Proud to be an INIFDIAN!

Megha Kothari

Freelance Fashion Stylist

It is rightly said, ‘A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.’ INIFD Ahmedabad has been a great help in shaping me as a Fashion Stylist and Costume Designer. It has not only helped us with improving our creative skills but has also given us immense opportunities to experience the industry like Lakme Fashion Week Gen Next W/F’16, Annual Fashion Show 2017, Implementation team at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2017. I cannot thank INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad enough for bringing out the best in me.

Radhika Shah Gandhi

Fashion Designer, Owner of Label ‘Styleista’

The faculty at INIFD Gurukul have always guided me throughout, and have made my weaknesses a little stronger than before and my strengths, even better than before. I always had an eye for arts and designing. Joining INIFD Ahmedabad pushed me closer to the dreams I thought were difficult to fulfill. Today I am a successful Fashion Designer & founder of my very own label Styleista! Thank you INIFD for everything!

Dhwani Patel

Owner of Brand ‘Dhwani Patel’

INIFD Ahmedabad is one of the best designing institutes to study at. It trains the students in the practical environment of the Fashion World. Faculties support students to develop their personality in a very skillful manner by enhancing their creativity and abilities. INIFD Gurukul faculties inspired us to participate in many activities. Through their guidance, I could showcase my garment as ‘Dress of the day’ at Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai. They always encouraged us to participate in events like Sabarmati Heritage Fashion Show at Sabarmati festival, where I participated as a GENXT Ahmedabad Fashion Designer. Today I am running my brand named ‘Dhwani Patel’. All the credit goes to my mentors.