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Sustainability and Fashion


The production process, from manufacturing fiber to finished garment possesses a great risk to the environment and thus Textile industry has always been documented for its massive usage of great amount of energy, water and natural resources. After the oil business, the fashion and textile are the most polluting sector, resulting from every stage of a garment's life cycle threatening our planet and resources. To supply a kg of cotton similar to one shirt or a pair of jeans needs over 20000 liters of water, which is one of the most important nonrenewable sources. About 8,000 varieties of chemicals square are measured and employed in the conversion of material into clothes. If some garments don't sell or once they are out of fashion, they land in large landfills, adding to the pollution.

Nowadays with a rise in the levels of pollution and Global Warming there's magnificent awareness amongst the customers resulting in more and more demand for Eco friendly products. With this current analysis new products and fibers are being introduced in the market. Sustainable fashion will best be brought in by making sustainably designed apparels that increase the longevity of a garment.  Production and process of sustainable or ecofriendly textiles not solely facilitate to scale back the negative impacts to the surroundings, however conjointly support countless employees to earn honest wages and ensure proper working conditions.

Within the past few decades several attire and textile corporations and agency have created a vision towards modification within the environmental factors and have explored new ways and technologies to figure towards new demand of eco-friendly textiles and apparels for customers, conjointly several of them have worked towards new textile crafts to revive their lost identity. Considering the textile business in China, several mills are closed thanks to implementation of strict laws to tackle the matter of water scarceness and textile pollution.

Recent studies on carbon footprints within the UK were triggered by excess covering bought by customers, increasing the speed of carbonic acid gas equivalent emission into the surroundings, setting off alarms in those ontogenies for property fashion. Either a sustainably made textile or one that is formed by recycling of a waste is most well-liked. The need of people to shop for a lot of clothes each season at low value even if their lifetime is thus short that they have to be discarded at the top of the season. This psychological behavior of shoppers must be modified to implement the property fashion movement.

For a better future for ourselves and coming generations it is important for everyone to work towards a sustainable environment which leads to better textile industry along with eco-friendly trends and fashion. With this approach new fibers have been developed in the market. New researches and developments have been made to work towards environment friendly fabrics like bamboo fabric, sugarcane fabric, milk fiber, ramie and many more. A major shift can also be seen amongst designers and youngsters towards these new developments in fabric.

INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad, is one of the most pioneer Fashion Design Institute that prepares the future designers to work on the sustainability factors as well. The students are taught the minute details, working procedure, significance and execution of fashion and textiles. They also use waste materials to create contemporary styles and patterns, which also includes styling of the entire process at the end along with an amazing photo shoot. It is an utmost responsibility of every fashion / Textile designer to work towards sustainability for a better future for the coming generations.

Author: Tulika Talwar

Ms. Tulika Talwar is a Textile Designer and presently a Faculty at INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad. At this young age she holds a Patent in the field of Medical Textiles and still continues to explore and research in the field of Technical Textiles. She has an experience of 6 years in the industry & Academics and also works as a soft skill trainer and an artist.