Testimonials | INIFD Ahmedabad


Aayushi Dewani

My three-year journey with iNIFD Ahmedabad has been wonderful and insightful My passion for Fashion Design is quite old. But, when I got an opportunity to enhance my in-depth knowledge and application of fashion with this institute, it made me professional. I always believe that detail matters. That is the same with this award-winning institute. The faculties have an excellent grip on the details of fashion design and industry knowledge to help us. I have always loved to be a part of the iNIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad team and will continue to be so.


Being passionate about fashion and achieving it in the best possible way has always been my dream. Stepping into iNIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad has made this possible. From learning sessions to fashion shows, It doesn’t let you stay back in any aspect. You can count on all the faculties here in every thick and thin situation. Institute gave me an amazing opportunity to be a part of the implementation team at LFW 2020. As a designer I took part in VYOM fashion show Arambh which added to the practical knowledge. Looking forward to the successful future I hold with all the learnings from the institute. Proud being a part of the INIFD family.

Dipti Tekwani

I have just completed my fashion designing course at iNIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad. Since 6th grade, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Though now I was skeptical about a career in fashion design. But, this institute made me realize what is my true interest. It was an amazing journey, the faculties are really helpful and responsive to us in any time of need. There has been a drastic change in my overall personality after three years of academics with this college. They also provide us practical knowledge. The most amazing experience was participating in the Lakmé fashion show through the institute. I'd highly recommend you join this institute if your interest is in fashion design.

Vandana sisodiya

Fashion Designer

My journey at INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad has been amazing. Here, I have learned everything about fashion, starting from the basics like self-grooming to advance elements like designing. The faculties of INIFD Gurukul is the best and the coolest they all are were very supportive. I am thankful for the support and guidance of the institute.

Khushi Mulani

Fashion Designer

My journey with iNIFD Gurukul Ahemadabad was full of experiences. I was not from this field and I knew nothing about fashion. It has helped me to groom myself. It was a journey of knowledge, making life cheerful and fashionable. I am thankful to all my teachers who shared their knowledge with us and treated us with a friendly environment. Thank you INIFD.

Anisha Jain

INIFD Gurukul Ahemadabad- The Cradle of Designers. When I chose this institute for fashion designing, I was excited to be in such an environment. I am going to be a graduate from the institute and my journey was awesome, Extracurricular activities give the opportunity to students to showcase their talent. Faculties are from industries and they give us the right exposure to industries as well.


When I was a kid I was fond of fashion. So, it was natural for me to join IINIFD Gurukul Ahemadabad to build my career. where I have learned many things about Fashion, starting from self-grooming to advance elements. Huge thanks to faculty members for being supportive throughout my whole journey with INIFD Gurukul Ahemadabad. Currently, I am an entrepreneur with fashion business on customizations and styling of events.

Vedangi Trivedi

I wasn't confident enough to join a fashion design college. But as I started my journey with INIFD Gurukul Ahemadabad, and it helped me to learn the basics of fashion design. It helped me gain more confidence and soon I started doing modeling for events. With INIFD Gurukul Ahemadabad, I participated in New York fashion week and Lakme fashion week. I opted for a fashion design course after graduation. Now, I am a complete fashion designer with modeling etiquette.