Testimonials | INIFD Ahmedabad


Shailly Shah

Fashion Merchandiser

Stepping in at INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad was one of the best decisions ofmy career. It has been a great support in shaping me as a Fashiondesigner in my professional career, that too under the guidance of highlyprofessional faculties. After completing studies at INIFD Ahmedabad Ifurther joined as a Fashion Merchandiser in one of the best and well knownMulti Designer Stores of Gujarat- Elan The Fashion Store! Thanks to INIFDfor giving us the best platform to explore our skills.

Sharad Verma

Fashion Influencer

I come from a small town and my interest in fashion began from a very young age. I came to INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad to gain Knowledge and pursue my passion! All credit goes to the mentors, without their guidance It would have been quire impossible! I started my career in Aldo, while I was studying in INIFD. From the last 6 years I am into Retail Industry! I have worked for Damilano and Creyate too! In today ‘s date I have been selected for US cruise ships retail. It is INIFD who gave me knowledge and sharpened my skills to achieve all of this and I will be forever grateful to INIFD for all their support.

Plenary Shah

Marketing Assistant for Life is Good Company, BOSTON (U.S)

I had an excellent experience at INIFD Ahmedabad. Before joining the college, my interest was limited to designing; however, a couple of subjects showed me the opportunities available on the corporate side of the industry. Also, because of my good grades and certificates from the college, I received a partial scholarship for the program. All the teachers at INIFD have always been super helpful. Recently, I have graduated with an MBA and worked as a Marketing Assistant for a company called Life is Good (Boston), which is best known for its optimistic T-shirts and hats. I thank INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad for giving a kick start to my fashion career!

Aesha Shah

Fashion Designer

As style icon Rachel Zoe says, "style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." This phrase has always resonated with me because fashion is an important part of my identity and INIFD has been a great supporter in making my career. Designing a statement piece that's adored by all has always been a dream of mine. The faculty at INIFD Ahmedabad have been amazing mentors to me and have helped me realise my vision,my dream. Thanks to them, I am able to share my creativity with the world today by being a Fashion Designer.

Sakshi Jain

Freelancer Interior Designer

I opted for the Interior Designing specialization course at INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad. The complete journey was a roller coaster ride. I am fortunate that I studied under the guidance of great mentors. The faculties at INIFD always insisted on self-learning, rather than spoon feeding us! In today ‘s date I am a freelancer Interior Designer because of the skills I developed at INIFD Ahmedabad!

Komal Chaudhary

Founder of “Swastik interiors”

INIFD Ahmedabad not only teaches you designing skills but also fosters your creativity. It is a matter of honour that I was a part of INIFD. INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad has awesome Faculties who always support and encourage students. For me INIFD was my 2nd home! Faculties know well how to tackle a student ‘s understanding about the subject with their help my concepts on interior designing got cleared. INIFD gave me the freedom of doing things in my own way and because of which I was able to think out of box. Today I am into my own interior business named Swastik interiors which I started after internship and job experience in January 2019.

Swadha Jajoo

Interior Designer

I have done my interior designing from INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad. Here I learned a lot from the experienced faculties who always stood for providing a clear understanding towards each and every concept. INIFD plays a very important role in my life, as the training was so efficient that today as an interior designer, I feel complete in terms of knowledge which is helping me a lot in doing work for my clients! Thank you for everything INIFD!

Nikunj Sheladiya

Fashion Designer (Business)

INIFD Ahmedabad has provided me the platform to explore my abilities and skills. This is a beautiful place where students with similar minds meet, share their creative ideas and collaboratively work to achieve their goal. I find myself lucky enough to get educated by dynamic and distinguished faculties who are friendly, full of patience and highly qualified. Because of their guidance and constant mentoring, I could learn so many things. Today I am running my business as a fashion designer! Thank you INIFD for everything!